Now Serving the Apartment Industry via Purchase of 20/20 Sign Design

Now Serving the Apartment Industry via Purchase of 20/20 Sign Design
October 12, 2016 Devin

Lots of people love to shop. My wife for clothes and shoes. Myself for well run companies that fit nicely within the U.S. Sign & Screenprinting platform.

If style, color and fit are the appropriate criteria for selecting new fall fashions, some might wonder what makes another company a “winner” when shopping for potential companies to link ourselves with.

Based only upon my personal experience, I’d have to say it’s far easier for me to know whether another business is a good fit for the U.S. Sign & Screenprinting platform than it is for my wife to find the perfect outfit (sorry, honey).

So what are the key elements we look for?

  1. Great, experienced team. If we are going to enter a new segment of the market, we’d certainly like to have people who have been there, done that (and survived to tell about it).
  2. Strong, expanding customers. I always tell our team “I don’t pay you, our customers do. I just sign the check”. It certainly helps to gain access to a new group of customers that we can serve.
  3. Like-Minded Focus on Service. All companies say that customer service is a priority. Even cable companies (don’t get me started). But it is rare to find one that takes this seriously.
  4. (*Bonus*) Expansion into New Product Lines or Market Segments. Our Acquisition of A & J Markings, Inc. in the fall of 2015 gained us access to a new product line (Product Identification). With the purchase of 20/20 Sign Design, although many of the products they sold were very similar to what we already sold (custom signs), their target market (the apartment industry) was one that we did not already serve.

So, there you have it. The secret formula is out (sorry it wasn’t more earth shattering).


If you are in the apartment industry, what can we do for you?

  1. Deliver Creative Designs. Whether you need a quick banner layout for a fall leasing special banner or cradle to grave branding for a new build community, we will deliver highly professional and creative options that will make your project stand out.
  2. Provide High Quality Products. Best in class paints and coatings? Yes, please. Innovative and cost effective materials? Uh huh.
  3. Do What We Say We Will Do. Need someone to turn something quickly to get you out of a bind – we will do it. Need an eye catching banner to draw in potential tenants – we will do it. Need name and branding ideas for a brand new complex in Bixby – we will do it. Under promise. Over deliver. We will do it.

To quote a somewhat famous golfer: “Hello (apartment industry) World”



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